Number Name Description Dimensions Example
0 Label Label of text {'Control':'This is Label'} This is Label
1 Link Hyper link to a resource {'Control':'This is Link'} This is Link
2 TextBox Text box {'Control':'This is TextBox'} This is TextBox
3 TextBox - Capcha Filter against bots {'Control':'Enter number here'} Enter number here
4 TextBox - Password User password {'Control':'This is Password'} This is Password
5 RichTextBox Text box multi line {'Control':'This is RichTextBox'} This is RichTextBox
6 CheckBox Check box {'Control':true} true
7 Button Regular button {'Control':'This is Button'} This is Button
8 Button - Link Button as link {'Control':'This is Button'} This is Button
9 Button - Submit Submit button sends changed values on form {'Control':'This is submit Button'} This is submit Button
10 ComboBox Enumerate values {'Control':'One'} One
11 Grid Grid {'Control':[{'Name':'Bob','Age':15},{'Name':'Rebeca','Age':20}]}
12 Grid - Link Grid with link rows {'Control':[{'Name':'Bob','Age':15},{'Name':'Rebeca','Age':20}]}
13 Picture Picture {'Control':''}
14 Video - mp4 Embedded mp4 video {'Control':'MyVideo.mp4'} MyVideo.mp4
15 Video - youtube Embedded youtube video {'Control':''}
16 Audio - mp3 Embedded mp3 audio {'Control':'MyAudio.mp3'} MyAudio.mp3
17 Calendar Calendar {'Control':'2023-01-01'} 2023-01-01
18 Time Time {'Control':'12:30'} 12:30
19 UploadFile Upload file to server {'Control':''}
20 Phone Phone {'Control':'+380981112233'} +380981112233
21 TreeView TreeView {'Control':[{'Parent':null,'Name':'MyParent','Text':'My Parent'},{'Parent':'MyParent','Name':'MyChildA','Text':'My Child A'},{'Parent':'MyParent','MyChildB','Text':'My Child B'},{'Parent':'MyChildB','MyChildC','Text':'My Child C'}]}
Number Name Description
0 RadioButton Radio button choose
1 Tags Render tags
2 Likes Like adds user name to Control array
3 Messages List of messages
4 Comments List of comments
5 LineGraphs Chart Line graphs chart
6 Bar Chart Bar Chart
7 Bar Group Chart Bar Group Chart
8 Pie Chart Pie Chart
9 Map Map
10 Address Address